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Indian Food
Nakkha Che

After sunset, our Barton venue is transformed into Nakha-Chhe - our shared kitchen initiative.

Wednesday - Sunday

5pm - 9pm

23 Brisbane Avenue, Barton

Our Philosophy "House of Festivals"

Brought from the streets of Kathmandu to the avenues of Canberra, Nakha-Chhe represents the flavours of festivals. We bring you a cuisine that captures the essence of Nepalese spices, spirit of Newari culture and the ‘twakka’ taste of Nepalese street food- which we all miss!

A window to the past: The richness of Nepalese culture comes from the diversity of its festivals; or as the Newars (one of the ethnic groups) call it, “Nakha”s. With a lifestyle that demanded immense strength and hard work, our ancestors designed monthly social activities and gatherings, to get their well-deserved break. Such activities emerged for the purpose of enjoyment and also to rejuvenate themselves physically and mentally.

Inspired by our past and relating it to our present, Nakha-Chhe strives to familiarize the international community with the wonders of Nepalese taste; and also to cater the demand of Nepalese community to reconnect with their culture. This can be made possible by serving authentic Newari dishes like yomari, chatamari, bara choila, khaja set and soon and of course, Nepali cuisine that is incomplete without the infamous mo:mo and mouth-watering street foods!  We want to create a nostalgic environment with food that gives happiness you only find at home.

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